Happy, Texas
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Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr.: The Light is green.

Harry Sawyer: So we're gay. How hard can that be?
Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr.: It might not be hard for you, Rock Hudson, but I have got heterosex.
Harry Sawyer: What?
Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr.: 'Not gay' written all over me.

Sheriff Chappy Dent: Give me the meanest steak you got! Rare, and I mean rare! Just de-horn it, wipe its butt and send it in.

Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr.: Waddya mean "WE?" Did you grow another face?

Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr.: If you ever leave me with a kid again I'll make sure you never have one. You have no idea what those screaming booger eaters are like. They expect you to... know stuff.

Factual error: In the scene where the fire department responds to the fire, the engine is 42. Yet all the fireman's hats say 6. The engine company, station etc. would all be the same number so their helmets should have also been 42.

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