Fantozzi (1975)

Ending / spoiler

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Fantozzi discovers that he has wasted the past 2 decades (20 years) of his life in the megacompany, being the punch line of every single joke. He exacts revenge by carrying a stone wrapped up in A4 paper all the way to work and throwing the stone at an office window, breaking it. He screams "Cowards! You're all against me, are you not? What have I done to you? Nothing! I've wasted the past 20 years of my life! I'll show you!" before doing so. As a result of this, he is taken up to the top floor of the building and he meets the "Galactic Megaboss", an immortal manager. After a short conversation, the Galactic Megaboss entrusts his place to Fantozzi. Fantozzi assumes control, and the Galactic Megaboss retires from his work, his last words being "Remember - Always be respectful and loyal." Fantozzi replies with "Yes, O omnipotent." The End.

Stefano Pavone

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