The Last House on the Left
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Estelle Collingwood: I think it's crazy.
Mari: What's crazy?
Estelle Collingwood: All that blood and violence. I thought you were supposed to be the love generation.

Krug Stillo: Piss your pants.
Phyllis Stone: What?
Krug Stillo: I said, "Piss your pants!"
Phyllis Stone: You sick mother.

Fred "Weasel" Podowski: How'd we get into the sex-crime business anyway? My brother Saul, a plumber, makes twice as much money as I do and gets three weeks vacation, too.

Krug Stillo: Listen to daddy. I want you to take the gun, and I want you to put it in your mouth, and I want you to turn around and blow your brains out. Blow your brains out. blow your brains OUT.

Krug Stillo: We don't wanna off someone first night out. I mean, it'd be a shame to get this floor all messed up with blood.

Fred "Weasel" Podowski: I wonder what the meanest, foulest, rottenest, woodsiest sex crime ever was? Hey, Krug, what do you think the sex crime of the century was?

Krug Stillo: Goddamn high-class, tight-ass freakos. All that goddamn silverware. Who do they think they are, anyway? People in China eat with sticks, and these freaks got 16 utensils for every pea on the plate.

Phyllis Stone: You stupid dyke.

Krug Stillo: Leave Sadie alone, you little toad, or I'll bust your butt with a lily pad.

Sadie: Being in this house makes me wish I was a lady.

Junior Stillo: If I was a frog, I'd have my own lily pad. I could sit there all day long, just 'Ribbit Ribbit'. I could do that man and nobody would bother me.

Estelle Collingwood: Mari tells me you're from Manhattan. What does your father do?
Phyllis Stone: Oh, my parents are in the iron and steal business.
Estelle Collingwood: Iron and steel both together? How unusual.
Phyllis Stone: Well, my mother irons and my father steals.

Dr. John Collingwood: You call the repair service?
Estelle Collingwood: Mmhmmm.
Dr. John Collingwood: Well did you tell them I was a physician and had to have a phone?
Estelle Collingwood: No, actually I told them you were an international bookie, and I was ten-months pregnant with quintuplets.

Fred "Weasel" Podowski: How's your back, baby?

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