The Godfather

Don Vito Corleone survives the assassination attempt and is now recovering in a local hospital. As a revenge, his young son Michael decides to kill Sollozzo and his partner, the corrupt Cpt. McCluskey. They arrange a meeting in a bar, in which Clemenza planted a gun. Michael finds the gun in the bathroom, Shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey and flees. While the family takes care of everything in the states, Michael is waiting for everything to be over in Sicily. He marries Apollonia, a beautiful local, and they start a family. However, Apollonia is murdered as a bomb hidden in her car explodes. Michael returns to the USA and marries Kay Adams. During that time, Michael's sister, Connie, is beaten by her husband, and Outraged Sonny beats him up in the street as a revenge. Connie's husband doesn't cease to hit her, so Sonny sets out to kill him - but encounters an armed ambush on the way and is shot dead by dozens of machine guns. Do Vito Corleone announces a truce between the five families before making Michael the new Don of the Family. When Vito dies, Michael orders to kill all the heads of the five families. The brutal assassinations take place during the baptism of Connie's newborn son whom Michael is Godfather to. Eventually, after discovering that Connie's husband had arranged the hit on Sonny, Clemenza strangles him to death by Michael's orders. Kay hears from Connie that Michael arranged the hit, but when she asks him if it's true, he answers, "No." Kay, relieved, exits Michael's office into the kitchen... but when she looks back into the office, Michael is being praised by his friends, and as the office door is closed before Kay, she is horrified to discover the Michael is the new Godfather.


Revealing mistake: When Sonny is punching Carlo under the spraying fire hydrant, he misses an audible punch by at least six inches. (01:43:30)

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Clemenza: Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

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Trivia: When Vito is in the garden with his grandson, he puts an orange peel in his mouth, and the kid looks scared. Well, the kid really is scared. Marlon Brando improvised that, and the kid wasn't expecting it.

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Question: What is the name of the melody/song that is played just after Michael shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey? It is played while you see some newspapers with big headlines etc.


Chosen answer: The mattress montage music is called "This Loneliness." It is written and performed by F.F.C's father.

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