Where the Truth Lies

Where the Truth Lies (2005)

Ending / spoiler

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That night when Maureen O'Flaherty showed up at that hotel room where she witnessed Vince Collins closet bisexuality/homosexuality which would've destroyed the lives and careers of this showbiz team. All three passed out high on a combo of booze & narcotics, with Maureen on the sofia. Next morning she was dead and everyone became convinced Vince Collins in a drug craze stranguled her even Vince himself. This was because both the doors to hotel were locked as was the set to the lounge where she was sleeping in. So they stuffed her into an ice box that had been originally used to store live lobsters, she was then flown to a hotel which they were going to...then stuffed into their flooded bath tub of their hotel room...to make it look like she accidently drowned. But neither Vince nor his partner, Lanny Morris did her in. It was their bodyguard Reuben who smothered her with a pillow. He came in through the lounge doors 'attached to Vince's bedroom' as for the hotel door he had a key since he was personel security. He did this because their stardom rubbed off on him and he felt that by exploiting them he'd get a piece of the action. Karen O'Connor figures it out but her evidence is circumstancial at best, besides it would not only further destroy both of these former entertainers lives but bring further misery to Maureen's widowed dying mother who's already suffering and doesn't need anymore pain (since sadly she's outlived the rest of her family). Reuben walks of into the horizon...and is never seen again. Neither Lanny nor Vince ever found out what actually happened. In fact Vince so distraught over the dredged up memories of the past he checks back into the same hotel in the very same room where the death occured under Lanny's name and stuffed with champange and drugs delibratley lets himself pass out in the flooded bath and drowns.


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