Family Guy: Stewie Griffin The Untold Story

In the scene where Stewie rides the trollie, he meets himself from the future, who Stewie thought was his father. They start singing then future Stewie goes back to the future and just as he goes, present Stewie grabs him while they teleport to the future.F Stewie gets mad at P Stewie and then after a few scenes P Stewie finds out he's a 35-year-old virgin. P Stewie loathes himself for a minute and then makes F Stewie get it on with Fran from work. F Stewie gets fired, his apartment burns down, Meg has a sex change and is now called "Ron", Chris marries a biatch named Vanessa, Brain is dead and Lois and Peter now live in a retirement home. F Stewie tells P Stewie about what happened at the pool, and then they go see Lois at the RH. Lois remebers P Stewie and gives them money for a time machine watch, and then F Stewie and P Stewie say their goodbyes and P Stewie goes back. He kills Vanessa, we see Ms. Rice from the White House kiss a girl, then he appears to be at a local store then he races the Griffins to the pool.He makes it and Stewie tells Stewie 2 about the future and tells him to not detonate the lifeguard tower. After this Stewie 1 gets vapourized by Stewie 2 and we know now how Meg's sex change name. The End.

Jared Lee Douglas Kirkham

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