American Pie: Band Camp

American Pie: Band Camp (2005)

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Corrected entry: When Stifler is watching Elise get into the shower she is walking towards the center cubicle. When it cuts to another angle as he closes the laptop you can see on the screen that she's in the left cubicle.


Correction: All the footage you see of her in the shower shows her in the central cubical or not in any.

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Matt Stifler: Bite my nuts and call me Skippy.



In the scene when the Sherminator is talking with Matt after returning from band camp, Matt is wearing a purple shirt. But when Matt asks if "everyone hated his brother", in the reflection of the star trophy on the desk, you can see Matt's reflection, and he is wearing the orange and black striped shirt from the earlier scene where the Sherminator sends him to band camp. Clearly the two scenes were cut together.