Island In The Sky

Factual error: All of the flight scenes show the AC with the USAF star and stripes logo and the fuselage said "United States Air Force" quite prominently. The Air Force was not created as a separate service until 9/18/1947. Prior to that, the Air Force was part of the Army and known as the US Army Air Corp or US Army Air Force (USAAF). The movie was released 9/3/1953, based on a book written 1944, based on a true story of a flight February 3, 1943 and the Air Transport Command. The ATC was a designation from 1942-1948 only and when the AF was established in late 1947, it was not part of the service. There could not have been a C-47 with "United States Air Force" designation when the book was written, when the real event occurred or when it was portrayed.

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