What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
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Mrs. Bates: There's too many people in this town with nothing else to do but talk.

Edwin Flagg: Oh, do you mean you're really - the - Baby Jane Hudson?
Jane: Yes, I am! And I'm going to revive my act exactly as I used to do it. Of course, some of the arrangements will have to be brought up-to-date. Music changes so much, doesn't it? And you know they're desperate for new acts: television, Las Vegas, and all the clubs. Well, there are a lot of people who remember me. Lots of them.
Edwin Flagg: I don't see how you could fail.

Blanche: You said this last month, she's been a lot worst. Do you think she knows?
Elvira Stitt: About selling the house? How could she? You don't have anything in writing.
Blanche: We're sisters, Elvira. We know each other very well.

Continuity mistake: Jane always pulls into her garage forward rear of car facing out. However, whenever Jane is seen pulling out of garage front of car is facing out.


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Trivia: The teenage neighbour to the Hudson sisters is Bette Davis' real-life daughter, Barbara Merrill.

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