Aeon Flux

Aeon is told by Trevor Goodchild that everyone that survived the virus in 2011 became sterile from the treatment. Trevor Goodchild, the scientist that cured everyone, has been cloning the orginal population for 400 years. The people in the population that die are cloned and start again from infancy. Over time, their memories became mixed up, and thier minds become unstable. In the 400 years, the society slowly starts falling apart. Aeon decides to destroy the "Relic" a giant machine that floats above the city of Bregna. The "Relic" holds all the population DNA. It is discovered that Aeon is a clone of Trevor's wife, Cathryn, her memories end up flooding back. Trevor's brother wanted her DNA destroyed so Trevor will continue his work on Bregna. Her DNA was saved by an old doctor, and he brought her back to life to get through to Trevor, to show him that his "perfect" world isnt so perfect. Trevor tells Aeon that all this time he was looking for a cure, and finally had found it, for the sterilty caused by the virus treatment. That this process of cloning wasnt supposed to be forever. Thats why he clones himself and his brother to continue his work. His brother destroys his findings because he wants to live forever. His brother kills every woman that gets pregnant naturally because somehow, nature found a way to over come the sterility. Aeon ends up shooting the brother before he kills Trevor and destroys the "Relic" and it crashes into a city wall, breaking the wall down, and exposing the population to the world "outside the walls".


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