Aeon Flux

Corrected entry: Sithandra has Modifications. She has hands instead of feet at the end of her legs. But when she and Aeon doing "acrobatics" while they try to break into the Goodchild HQ, you can see that the actress has feet and no modifications are visible. (00:15:40)

Correction: In every visible shot of her "feet", you can tell they are modified hands and not feet. But since she can move her "fingers" close together, it can give the appearance of feet in quick shots.


Corrected entry: When Aeon and Trevor are running from the police through the crowd, Trevor is able to run alongside Aeon. However, when they go down the stairs, into the train station and onto the train, Trevor is unable to walk without leaning on Aeon. (01:00:15)

Correction: The adrenalin in his body has worn off, and people, after a huge burst of adrenalin, will feel fatigued and worn out after it starts to leave the body.

Corrected entry: When Aeon finds Una as a cloned baby, Trevor explains to her that they implant a cloned embryo into a woman when she is ready to have a baby and nine months later she has a baby. However Una was killed only a few days ago, nowhere near the nine months that Trevor mentions.

Correction: They are killed when it is time to give birth. That is why people are disappearing.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, it is said that in 2011 99% of the world's population was killed and five million survived. In 2002 the population was around 6.2 billion, so 1% would be 62 million.

Correction: How do you know what the population will be by 2011? Unless you have a time machine no one knows what the population will be. A liberty taken by the writer not a mistake.][Additionally, the 99% is simply a simple way of stating that most of the population died. Would you really expect the percentage to be given as 99.999194%?

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