Corrected entry: In the ballroom scene, when Egon shoots the cake, it explodes seconds before the proton beam touches it. (00:36:10)

Correction: There's no telling what the physical properties of the proton beam are or how it affects objects around it.

There's no way to watch the scene and in particular the sequence of the explosion and not write it off as the poorly timed special effect that it is.

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Corrected entry: When Ray and Winston were driving across the Brooklyn Bridge around midnight in the Ectomobile, Ray quoted a verse of Scripture claiming to be "Revelation 7:12". Although in actuality the verse that contains "...opened the sixth seal...and the sun became as black as sackcloth, and the moon became as blood..." Actually was Revelation 6:12. The writers were one chapter off. (01:03:38)

Correction: Ray also states that it's the only verse he can remember, if he has such a limited grasp of the bible it's not much of a stretch to think he could have got the number wrong.

Through his mouth (and Winston's that does not correct him) the movie gets a fact wrong (and you wouldn't know it's wrong unless you knew perfectly the Bible or read it on a website like this). It's a valid character mistake to say the least.

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Corrected entry: When Dana tells Peter of the refrigerator incident, Peter opens the door to investigate. On the top shelf is a can of Coke with the label "Coke" clearly displayed. Just a moment later, he double checks the fridge, where the can now reads "coca-cola." Somebody turned the can between shots.

Correction: There are two cans, it's just that in some shots we see them one at a time.

Corrected entry: When Ray purchases the car for the business, Peter comes up and asks "how much?" In that scene, Peter is wearing a green and black checkered shirt and then he waks inside and asks if there are any messages. When he walks inside, he now has a completely different shirt on.

Correction: The scene when Ray pulls up with the car and when Peter walks inside the building are different days. you can hear Dana quite clearly say that the incident happened 2 days ago. So they might have bought the car on the same day as her problem or the day after.

Corrected entry: When Dana is tested if she's telling the truth, right after she says "Who would make up story like that?", we can see her saying "yeah I know" silently, as if she had messed up that line. (00:23:00)

Correction: She says "make up a story like that". She didn't mess up the line. Why she made the facial expression is therefore moot.

Corrected entry: Near the end when the Ghostbusters are talking with the mayor, Ray's hair is flat on his head. In the next scene when they get to Dana's building his hair is full and wavy. Would he have washed and blow dried between scenes?

Correction: Of course he washed and blow dried his hair between scenes. After speaking with the mayor, the Ghostbusters obviously had to go back to the firehouse (which isn't very far from city hall) to get Ecto 1, along with their uniforms and proton packs. While there, he did his hair. The Ghostbusters then drove Ecto 1 back to city hall to meet their escort and head to Dana's building.

Despite the usage of "of course" and "obviously", it sounds convoluted from start to finish, especially considering that they have a police escort at all times. It'd be more believable if you said they used the Mayor's shower or something (the truth is that simply they did not bother with the detail because it would have been pointless and detrimental for the movie's pacing, but that is a meta explanation).

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Revealing mistake: When Dana is "strapped" to the chair and pulled into the kitchen, you can clearly see the track in the floor upon which the chair is riding. (00:51:50)

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Suggested correction: Can you really, though? I rewatched the scene on BD, I could post screenshots of the scene, and there are no tracks in the floor, simply the line of separation between tiles.

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