Corrected entry: After the battle with Gozer and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, if you pay close attention, you can see that the marshmallow goo covering Ray varies in amount, especially after he apologises for the barbecued dog hair comment.

Correction: Just before the barbequed dog hair comment, watch Ray in the lower right section of the screen. He is clearly seen to be wiping marshmallow off of his face, which accounts for the change in amount.

Corrected entry: Why did the Gatekeeper and Keymaster (the dogs) have to possess Dana and Louis? From everything we see, the dog statues are at the top of the building, and the demon dogs break through. Then they go and destroy half the building to find people to possess. They wait a while, Louis gets taken to the Ghostbusters, and Dana stays in her apartment. Then even later they go back to the top of the building, and stand exactly where they were standing after changing from the statues where the lightning changes them back into the demon dogs. What was the point of them leaving, possessing people, then coming back?

Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. Just because the whole scenario seems pointless to you, it doesn't make it a plot hole.


I agree; it's a legitimate question though, so instead of sticking it in the correction section I'd say to move it in the appropriate section.


It actually is addressed in the new movie why it happens, so I thought about adding the reason in, but have held off on it in case I get some of the details or wording wrong.


Oh! Great, thanks for the heads up, I am going to see the movie this week most likely, I was just rewatching the first two - will edit this comment later.


Corrected entry: When Dana returns from dog form she has no foam in her hair. When she emerges from the building at the bottom with Bill Murray she does.

Correction: She had to walk down the stairs through the entire building with a group of people covered in marshmallow. It wouldn't be hard to get some on her on the way down.

Correction: Both shots take place during different time frames: When she becomes human she has no foam, and much later on she walks down the building with foam on her. There's plenty of time for her to get covered in foam for whatever the reasons.


Correction: It is an ellipsis, many minutes in between have gone by. It is not a mistake that takes place in a matter of seconds. She could have hugged any ghostbusters and get covered in foam, for example.


Corrected entry: When the Staypuft marshmallow man is melting, we see lots of melted marshmallow cover the rear left side of ECTO 1. When the Ghostbusters get in and drive off at the end of the film, the vehicle is clean.


Correction: There are several hours between the time Ecto 1 is covered in marshmallow until the Ghostbusters drive off in it, plenty of time for a good Samaritan in the crowd to clean it off.

Several hours have passed, really? They come out of the same building, and they didn't have a change of clothes or anything. It would be minutes. You technically can't discount the fact that since apparently doomsday was postponed someone might have decided it would have been nice to give a quick sponging to the Ghostbusters' car, but seems frankly the more far-fetched explanation.


Correction: The same person who would unethically and unnecessarily administer electric shocks to a test subject in an attempt to impress a girl and make her think she is psychic.

I think what the person who submitted this mistake is saying is why would he need it or carry it at all. Peter was going on a date with Dana Barrett so he would have no need to take it with him at all.

I think what the person who submitted the correction was saying is he's a weirdo and a creep; that's why he brings drugs on a date.

The two facts are so not related, though. The fact he'd give painful but ultimately harmless shocks to a male volunteer does not imply in any way that he'd drug his dates. If the movie wanted to tell us that, Egon on the phone would have asked him the same question as the original entry.


Corrected entry: In the ballroom scene, when Egon shoots the cake, it explodes seconds before the proton beam touches it. (00:36:10)

Correction: There's no telling what the physical properties of the proton beam are or how it affects objects around it.

There's no way to watch the scene and in particular the sequence of the explosion and not write it off as the poorly timed special effect that it is.


Corrected entry: Near the end when the Ghostbusters are talking with the mayor, Ray's hair is flat on his head. In the next scene when they get to Dana's building his hair is full and wavy. Would he have washed and blow dried between scenes?

Correction: Of course he washed and blow dried his hair between scenes. After speaking with the mayor, the Ghostbusters obviously had to go back to the firehouse (which isn't very far from city hall) to get Ecto 1, along with their uniforms and proton packs. While there, he did his hair. The Ghostbusters then drove Ecto 1 back to city hall to meet their escort and head to Dana's building.

Despite the usage of "of course" and "obviously", it sounds convoluted from start to finish, especially considering that they have a police escort at all times. It'd be more believable if you said they used the Mayor's shower or something (the truth is that simply they did not bother with the detail because it would have been pointless and detrimental for the movie's pacing, but that is a meta explanation).


Corrected entry: How could Egon get down to the ground floor so quickly? I mean, a few moments earlier, he poked a guest in the shoulder. And, why would he go back down to the first floor in the first place? They said that nothing happened on any floor except the twelfth.

Correction: Egon probably was able to track Slimer to the ballroom immediately after he slimed Venkman, Egon never says he was on the first floor, he probably knew the layout of the hotel and picked up Slimer's trail heading for the ballroom.

But Egon says, "get down here right away, it just went into a ballroom." That line alone indicates he is already down there.

Egon can still say 'get down here right away" while he himself is still en route to the ballroom.

Somehow I don't believe a man as intelligent as Egon would use an improper term such as "get down here" unless he was already at that location. He more than likely would have said, "get down to" or "get down stairs." Speculation yes, but in terms of his character, I feel this makes sense.

Corrected entry: When Dana tells Peter of the refrigerator incident, Peter opens the door to investigate. On the top shelf is a can of Coke with the label "Coke" clearly displayed. Just a moment later, he double checks the fridge, where the can now reads "coca-cola." Somebody turned the can between shots.

Correction: There are two cans, it's just that in some shots we see them one at a time.

Corrected entry: When Ray purchases the car for the business, Peter comes up and asks "how much?" In that scene, Peter is wearing a green and black checkered shirt and then he waks inside and asks if there are any messages. When he walks inside, he now has a completely different shirt on.

Correction: The scene when Ray pulls up with the car and when Peter walks inside the building are different days. you can hear Dana quite clearly say that the incident happened 2 days ago. So they might have bought the car on the same day as her problem or the day after.

Corrected entry: When Winston says "I wanna make a phone call" to the guard in the jail, the guard closes the door of the cell twice. (01:10:45)

Correction: In fairness, you do hear two noises, the second more subtle. I took it as the door taking an extra pull to properly close. You can argue that in the first shot we don't see the door touching the strike plate or frame, and in the second shot you don't actually see anyone locking it, but I am pretty sure that there are many doors that behave in a similar way in real life.


Corrected entry: When Dana is tested if she's telling the truth, right after she says "Who would make up story like that?", we can see her saying "yeah I know" silently, as if she had messed up that line. (00:23:00)

Correction: She says "make up a story like that". She didn't mess up the line. Why she made the facial expression is therefore moot.

Corrected entry: When Ray pulls up in the Ectomobile (before it has been painted), Peter is walking over to the car and the camera is following him. In the reflection of the window, a piece of equipment can be seen (possibly a boom mic). (00:20:30)


Correction: Possibly a street light. Judging by the shape of it.


Ghostbusters mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At about the middle of the film, when the Ghostbusters are rising to fame and are appearing on the front of newspapers and magazines, the photograph on the front of the New York Post is taken from the end of the film, just before the four of them cross the streams from their proton packs. (00:39:37)

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Trivia: The brief dream-scene in which Ray appears to receive oral sex from an attractive female spirit was originally part of a much larger sequence, but it was removed for both time and ratings reasons.

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Question: Why does Ray drop his trap on the altar? It can be seen all through the 'choose' conversation and when Staypuft first appears.

Answer: He places it on the altar just after they believe they have vaporized Gozer with the proton packs. At this point, thinking the ghost to have been destroyed, he sets it down as he believes the job is done and he will not need it.


Answer: Ray realised Gozer was too powerful to be caught in the trap, so why carry the extra weight?

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