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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

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Corrected entry: When Harry sees Harmony's friend Flicka in the airport he says he recognized her because of her distinctive ears, but when he met Flicka at the Domino Room she was wearing her hair down completely covering her ears.

Correction: Not true. We don't see the whole interaction between Harry and Harmony at the club/bar. The movie skips forward a bit from them sitting at the bar to them talking at a table. (It's quite obvious that some time has passed.) It's entirely plausible that Flicka came over and introduced herself or talked to them at some other point that night, especially after seeing that Harry and Harmony were getting along so well.

Corrected entry: Harry cuts off his finger in the end of the movie but when he talks during the very end he's got all his fingers again.

Correction: If you look closely in the end scene there is a short finger on that hand. He didnt cut his whole finger off just part above the knuckle. Watch in slow-mo and you can see it isn't there.

James Storck

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Harry: What?
Gay Perry: Talking money.
Harry: A talking monkey?
Gay Perry: Talking monkey yeah, yeah! Came here from the future, ugly sucker, only says "ficus."



Towards the end when Harmony calls Perry's phone as she's lying on the ground, Harry grabs the phone and looks at the caller ID to see her name. Unfortunately that's not the display showing who's calling. Anyone who has a Nokia phone will recognise that that's showing the contact list with just two entries - Harmony and a random number. The fact that it says "contacts" at the top of the screen is a bit of a giveaway.