The Fog

Factual error: In the fire at the lighthouse, Stevie puts her hand on the fire extinguisher nozzle. It would have frozen her hand and made it stick to it.


Factual error: It's been established, that the burning of the lepers ship happened in 1871, yet when one of the city's "founders" pulls his gun on Blake, it's an 1873 Colt Single Action Army, a gun that didn't exist 'til two years later.

Factual error: When Stevie's car is struck by a delivery truck, the collision is head-on for both cars. The force of the impact should have pushed her car rearward (even if slightly to either side). But when the camera cuts to show the car's passenger side from well below, the car is turning onto it's side, rolling toward the camera as if a forklift lifted the other side of the car, tossing it off the road. The car had no rearward motion at all, despite the head-on collision.


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