Factual error: Jan Christiaan Smuts is referred to as the Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa in this film when Gandhi is there. Smuts didn't gain the office until 1919, after the death of Prime Minister Louis Botha. Gandhi left South Africa in 1914 and never returned.

Factual error: During the scenes of the Calcutta riots and various other places, we see various cars from the 50's when the events in question took place in the 40's. Most notably several Morris cars which hadn't been built yet.

David Mercier

Factual error: When Gandhi and Charlie Andrews are accosted in the street by a group of thugs, and the two of them are eventually allowed to pass, there is a major factual error. Gandhi was in fact kicked off the pavement in front of what was once President Paul Kruger's house in Church Street, Pretoria. The house (now a museum) is not in the centre of town but is on the corner of Potgieter and Church Streets, some way from the exact CBD. Richard Attenborough shows us that the place where this happened is in what is supposedly Pretoria's town centre. I know this because I live in Pretoria.

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