Into the Blue

Into the Blue (2005)

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Corrected entry: When they first find the plane, Walker opens up the window and his flashlight starts to fall into the plane. Walker grabs the light with his left hand, but when the shot cuts to inside the plane, it is in his right.



Correction: He could have simply switched the flash light into the other hand while swimming into the plane.

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In the airport scene Scott Caan introduces his new "girl" to Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. In the background behind Paul you see a long-haired brunette wearing a strapless shirt walk out of the terminal and continue past the camera. The shot changes to a wide angle of the four main characters, and a second or so after the change you see the same brunette come out of the terminal again.



In the American version of this film Jessica Alba's bikini bottoms were digitally extended to cover her buttocks. In the European version they remain the same.