Amazon Women on the Moon

Revealing mistake: During the "Mondo Condo" scene, the books and vases on the bookcase seem to be glued on because as the bookcase falls on Arsenio Hall, when the camera shot is in his point of view, nothing falls off as the bookcase hits the ground.

Continuity mistake: During the sketch where the old man is zapped into the TV, when his wife changes the channel Ronald Reagan is stepping out of a plane that is light blue, but when the old man steps out of the plane it is now a dark blue with a silver strip.

Revealing mistake: During the funeral for Harvey, in the middle of the film, sometimes you can see Harvey breathing even though he is supposed to be dead.

Revealing mistake: During the "Son Of The Invisible Man" sketch, when Ed Begley Jr. is running about the pub naked, thinking that he is invisible, when he is caught by the cops, he says "You'll have to find me." When he moves, the patch used to cover up his front privates is visible.

Revealing mistake: During the "Mondo Condo" sketch, when the bookcase falls on Arsenio Hall, when he breaks out of the book cabinet that fell on him, the pre-cut line for where he is going to break out is visible.

Continuity mistake: During the sketch with the rental video, Ray's can of beer moves from one side of the table to the other in some shots. Also, his popcorn level in the bowl keeps changing.

Continuity mistake: During the "Silly Pate" scene during the movie, the piece of Pate that is slapped down on the paper is different to the one that is pulled up by the man to reveal the "Popeye" cartoon imprinted in it. It becomes rounder and bigger.

Continuity mistake: In the "Mondo Condo" sketch, between the time when the video spits out of the machine and the TV blows up, the videotape moves around in every shot.

Selma: Murray, what are you doing on the weather?

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Trivia: Watch throughout the credits, as there is another sketch in there called "Reckless Youth" starring Carrie Fisher.

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