Factual error: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are shown checking baggage in the final scenes at the same time that FBI agents are making arrests. The flight landed in Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, any crime committed during an international flight that ends on Canadian soil is deemed to have been committed in Canada. That being the case, the RCMP as the national police force has full jurisdiction. There is no way the FBI would be involved at that point.

Other mistake: When either Kyle or Carson run down the staircase the rails move significantly. On a real plane this would not have passed the pre-flight safety checks and the plane would have been grounded. Nothing in the film suggests the rails would have loosened.

Plot hole: Bomb squad vehicles are present at the airport when the plane lands. There is no bomb disposal unit in Goose. If one is needed it has to come from two provinces away - travel time by vehicle, in March, going flat out: minimum 20 hours + a 2.5 hr ferry trip. Not to mention that the markings on said vehicles are American: transportation of those vehicles from the US wouldn't have been any easier than from Canada, on the contrary, so again, they wouldn't have had the time to bring them over.


Other mistake: Carson's face would have been a whole lot more disfigured had he actually been hit that hard with a fire extinguisher.

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Continuity mistake: When Stephanie is about to check avionics, Fiona holds the flashlight by the lamp end (bulb) as Stephanie takes the flashlight. However, in the next shot, Fiona still holds the flashlight, but she now holds the other end as Stephanie takes the flashlight from her.

Factual error: At the end of the movie, when they land in Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, the firetrucks that rush to the scene are the wrong color. The firefighters at the Goose Bay airport drive yellow fire trucks, not red ones.


Continuity mistake: The outline of the heart the little girl drew on the window change from when she drew it to when Jodi Foster breathes on it. This has nothing to do with the inside/outside shot of the heart. (00:14:55 - 00:50:20)

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Factual error: At the end of the movie when Kyle and her daughter are being driven away we see a shot of the licence plate. Although it is marked "Newfoundland and Labrador" the numbers are before the letters, the reverse of what it is in the province.


Continuity mistake: In the shot when Carson put the bomb in Avionics to activate it, he puts down two parts. The part to the right (from Julia's perspective) is a little inclined. But when Kyle is in Avionics looking for Julia, that part of the bomb is not inclined.

Plot hole: The whole concept of a kidnapper 'pretending' his victim didn't get on the plane in the first place is utterly laughable. Even if nobody saw her in her seat, why didn't they see her walking down the aisle to her seat, or waiting to board the plane, or in the boarding tunnel itself? Why isn't she listed on the passenger manifest, or on her mother's travel documents or airline ticket? And there would have been security cameras all over the airport.

Revealing mistake: When Kyle is running up to the cockpit to pound on the door for the captain, you can hear an extra shout out "Hey, Jodie Foster."

Continuity mistake: Near the end when the Air Marshall is getting off the plane to "get the two agents" there is a shot of him from behind walking off the plane with snow covering most of the ground, but when the shot cuts to a wide shot from the side of him all the snow is gone.

Plot hole: Along with the $50 million, one of "Kyle's demands" from Carson is that the FBI provide "her" with a Gulfstream III plane, which is presumably which he plans to escape on. This is actually the stupidest mistake he might have made. If his plan had succeeded in framing Kyle and having her holding the detonator in her hand dead, he wouldn't just allowed to leave like that, mostly because with the threat over the plane would have been withdrawn. His $50 million might have been withdrawn too, if his account wasn't protected.

Character mistake: When the plane is speeding down the runway at the beginning, a female flight attendant is seen walking, and Kyle is seen buckling her seat belt. Everyone would have been sitting down and buckled in at this point.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the movie, at the scene in the morgue, dead David's eyelids very slightly shake right before his casket is closed. (00:04:20)

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Other mistake: When Kyle enters the bathroom to climb up in the room above it to mess with the wires, she locks the door. Yet the door opens for Carson to check it.

Factual error: Carson says that the explosives were put inside the casket because caskets aren't X-rayed. Even though often times cargo such as the casket are sent by "known shippers", and known shippers check screen the casket, they are still X-rayed by airport security. There are no exceptions to X-raying cargo, even if it was already deemed secure.

Factual error: When Jodie triggers the explosives and the plane collapses, the windshield is shown shattering and exploding. That is multilayer safety glass, it would not shatter in that manner.

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Plot hole: Carson states to the captain that Kyle is a "hijacker" and is threatening to blow up the plane unless they transfer $50 million to an account (which we don't see.) He also tells the captain that she refuses to negotiate, and to agree to the ransom without speaking to her. In the next scene, Carson receives a call from the captain that the money has been transferred. Law enforcement would never agree to a ransom demand without talking or knowing who the so-called hijacker is. When Kyle later looks outside the plane, she sees bomb squad and law enforcement treating her as the hijacker. There is no proof or evidence that Carson has given that Kyle is a hijacker, nor is there a background check or identity on her. Law enforcement would have never treated this so seriously as they did at the end, nor would bomb squad have had the time to make it, as mentioned in another mistake.

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Suggested correction: There is no reason the captain shouldn't trust Carson. Even if Carson has no evidence, the fact that Kyle would use her daughter as a charade, that she seemed very frantic, and would sabotage the aircraft's systems to obtain and plant the explosives would probably be deemed credible enough to the captain that she is in fact a hijacker.

The entry is referring to the conversation where Carson tells the captain that Kyle is a hijacker. Kyle seeming frantic alone wouldn't count to the captain that Kyle is a hijackers unless she showed other signs of being a hijacker. And Kyle didn't use her daughter as a charade, or sabotage the aircraft's systems to obtain, and plant the explosives until long after the conversation where Carson tells the captain that Kyle is a hijacker so Carson would have needed to provide evidence that Kyle is a hijacker during the conversation. And the captain would have questioned the detonator, and other specifics.

Plot hole: The hijackers somehow know who Kyle is, and what her job is, and what kind of family she has even though Kyle doesn't appear to have known them prior to meeting them on the plane. The only time she met the morgue director was at the beginning of the movie when she went to see her husband's body before deciding to board the plane, so there is no way they could have known who Kyle was, and that she had a husband, and an only child, for a whole host of reasons. Firstly, the information about passenger plane designers is protected by very tight security to keep people from having access to to it. Secondly, passenger plane designers are secretive people who don't speak publicity about their jobs. Thirdly, passenger plane designers rarely interact with Air Marshals, and flight attendants, as they all work in different places. These three reasons I mentioned are to keep people from learning about avionics engineers, and their families in order to prevent the exact thing the hijackers were the trying to do - framing an avionics engineer.

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