Green Street Hooligans

Green Street Hooligans (2005)

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Corrected entry: According to the film West Ham United and Millwall have not played against each other in 10 years, but this is impossible because both play in the English Premiere League, in which all teams play each other twice each season.


Correction: Milwall is not, nor has ever been, in the Premier league.

Corrected entry: Before the first match we see people in the Abbey wearing West Ham jerseys, but when they are walking to the game none of them do.

Correction: The hooligans weren't wearing jerseys, other fans were. Hooligans don't wear the club shirts so as not to be easily identified. This was seen when they wore their hoods at the game.

Corrected entry: When Matt character arrives in London, his sister tells him the debris in the streets is from the previous evening's football match. Matt then goes with Pete to another match that evening. English football teams never play on consecutive nights, and do everything they can to avoid playing twice in three nights.

Correction: The debris from the night before is not the result of a fight after a football match, the GSE just happened to run into another firm after a night of drinking. Pete says later in the film "Me and the boys went out drinking last night", there is no mention of a footbal match.

Corrected entry: When Pete is explaining to Steve how he lost his wallet and keys, his cab pulls up outside and honks. When he leaves with Matt, they walk to the bar, with no mention of the cab.

Correction: The reason that the cab was outside the house was because Pete had already caught it there. It honks because Pete, who lost his wallet and keys, cannot pay the cab fare. Steve walks outside and pays the cab driver the fare for Pete.

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Matt Buckner: What are you talkin' about, baseball is a girl's game? The Red Sox has a guy that pitches the ball over 90 miles per hour.
Pete Dunham: Who cares? All that means is that he can have a wank faster than you.



When Wood's character and the gang go to the match which is supposed to be between West Ham United and Birmingham City the teams we actually see in the football action shots are West Ham United and Gillingham.



Actor Geoff Bell, who plays Tommy Hatcher (head of the Millwall firm), actually supports West Ham in real life and was reluctant to take the part as Tommy, as Millwall are big rivals with West Ham.