Innocent Voices

Innocent Voices (2004)

Ending / spoiler

Chava and his friends decide to join the guerrilla. At night, they go to a guerrilla camp but are ambushed by the army. Chava and his friends are taken prisoners by soldiers (which is the opening scene of the movie) and taken near a river where they are to be executed. Two of Chava's friends are killed and just as Chava is about to be shot, his uncle and other rebels show up and ambush the group of soldiers. Chava runs away and heads to his grandmother's house not knowing that the army has torched that area and that his mother is looking for him. Arriving at the burned down area, Chava weeps thinking that his family is dead. Some time later, Chava's mother returns to the house and she finds her son there. She decides to send Chava away since that's the only way of saving him from recruitment into the army or being killed in the war. Chava's mother sells her sowing machine and with the money pays for Chava's passage and ride to the U.S. Chava is reunited with his family six years later.




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