Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Deuce gets thrown through a window the top part of the window falls downward. When the shot cuts to a different angle, the top part of the window falls downward again.

Audio problem: When Deuce is getting on the plane and he's hitting people in the face with the fake leg, no one opens their mouths to make any of the sounds we hear. The most obvious is the guy in front.


Revealing mistake: When Eva falls off her moped, you can see the padding underneath her clothes as she is rolling on the ground.


Audio problem: When the camera goes to the side of T.J.s face and he says, "You doped up cracker," his mouth doesn't move. (00:14:40)

Continuity mistake: When TJ sticks his hands down Antoine's pants, his picture gets taken with his hair covering his left eye. When he looks at the newspaper there is no hair covering his eyes.

Other mistake: When that one gigolo is going for his butt hair bleaching and he gets on the chair, you can see he's wearing something under his towel because of the outline, even though he's not suppose to be wearing anything else.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the black guy is using the toilet, when the cat bites his balls and when the cat is latched on to his balls, you can tell it's not a real cat. It is obviously just a stuffed toy.

Other mistake: Lilly needs a mic in order to speak. At least twice during dinner with Deuce, she talks without the mic on her throat.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Deuce is at the awards there is a long shot of the stage clearing of people when he says he is holding a bomb but in the next shot he turns to address the stage and there is then a close shot of a number of people still on the stage.

Continuity mistake: When the killer kills the guy in the tanning bed, he ties the handles together so he can't get out. Minutes later, TJ goes into the room and the top is up on the bed.


Continuity mistake: Decue is with the killer in the car and the gun falls on the floor of the vehicle. In the next shot you see the car is driving towards a hill, you can see skidmarks on the street coming ahead, when the camera cuts away and comes back to the upcoming hill the skidmarks are gone.

Revealing mistake: When we see Deuce on the airplane, he's carrying Kate's leg in his bag. Notice how it wobbles like rubber when he hits people in the face. Fake legs are made to support the persons weight and wouldn't wobble in any way.


Continuity mistake: In scene where TJ is in the prison cell one of the guys in the cell has a patch over his eye. when we see him again the patch has changed sides.

Plot hole: Eva has OCD. She states she can't touch doorknobs. When her and Deuce go to the aquarium, he has to open the door because she cant. Yet later in the movie, she opens her front door when Deuce comes to her door.


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