Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Movie Quote Quiz

Willy Wonka: [while passing over Oompa Loompahs shaving pink sheep.] I don't want to talk about that one.

Willy Wonka: I'm sorry, I was having a flashback.
Mr. Teavee: These flashbacks happen often?
Willy Wonka: Increasingly... Today.

Charlie: So... If I go with you, to live in your factory, I'll never see my family again?
Willy Wonka: Yeah! Consider that a bonus!

Charlie Bucket: Dad...why aren't you at work?
Mr. Bucket: [Looks at Mrs. Bucket.] Well, the toothpaste factory has decided to give me a bit of time off.
Charlie Bucket: Like a summer vacation?
Mr. Bucket: Sure, something like that.

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