Happy Birthday to Me

Visible crew/equipment: When the investigator pulls up to the house to inform the Doc and Ginny about the discovery of Ann's empty car, as he gets out the car and the camera shot is from the back of the car, you can see a crew-members face reflected in the small rear-view mirror.

Continuity mistake: After the 'game' of flying over the drawbridge in cars, Ginny runs away into the forest with just her scarf. In the forest she has her scarf and handbag.

Continuity mistake: When one character has won a biking race, he sits on his bike and has gloves on his hand, yet in the next shot the glove on his left hand has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When the car falls from the bridge, into the water, three times we see it fall in backwards from different angles. In the last shot it falls in upright.

Continuity mistake: When Ginny is in her bedroom, she picks up a tape and her books fall down into a pile. After she changes into her robe and walks to the bathroom, the position of the pile has changed. When she then proceeds to slam her window shut we then see the pile of books once again, which are now not in a pile but are stacked up neatly in rows, and there are many more books in the stack as well.

Continuity mistake: When the last car flies over the drawbridge, its flies right into the ground and the front gets smashed, one headlight breaks and the front left tire flies off. When Ginny runs out of the car after they stop, the tire is back, the headlight is fixed and the front of the car seems totally intact.

Continuity mistake: When Ginny arrives at the inn, as she sits down, she holds her brown handbag in her hand, but in the next shot as she sits, the handbag is on her shoulder.

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