Herbie: Fully Loaded

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the movie when Herbie has an oil spill and drives to the pit stop, as he turns, the camera pans and you are able to see the shadow of the camera, cameraman, boom mic, and the boom person on the track.

Visible crew/equipment: In the opening shot, as the camera pans past a lot of junked cars, in the last car's window at the back you can see part of a camera crane and a camera lens.

Visible crew/equipment: In the last scene, seconds before the end, just as the two Beetles drive off together, you can make out a driver, dressed in black, in the new Beetle, whereas you are led to believe the vehicle is driving itself. (01:30:40)

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene in the junkyard when crazy Dave gets hit in the head by Herbie's wheel/hub cap you can see a hand throw it.

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