Herbie: Fully Loaded

Revealing mistake: When Herbie is being pulled from the truck at Crazy Dave's, Herbie goes into reverse and the camera does a closeup shot of one of the rear wheels reversing. If you look carefully, you can see an extra set of small wheels behind the tyre which are obviously propping the car up enough so that the cars proper wheels will only skid and not get any traction.

Revealing mistake: When Herbie is getting unloaded from the truck in the beginning, he fights off the two guys by trying to go in reverse, but he squeals the tires. You can see the peel out tracks from previous takes when they show his tire.

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Maggie Peyton: What's really your problem with me racing?
Ray Peyton Sr.: 'Cause you're the spittin' image of your mom... and... I can't lose her twice.



Look at the dirt when Herbie backs away from the nose of the newer Beetle, between the races out in the desert. Although Herbie drove straight up to the newer Beetle, tire marks can be seen where the crew moved the car back and forth to get him lined up.



In the first test screenings of this movie, parents believed the Lindsay Lohan was too 'busty' for a Disney movie. Disney then went back and digitally raised her neckline, and decreased the size of her breasts by two cups.