Corrected entry: When Satch tells John for the first time that his mother is now a Nightingale victim John is surprised and has no idea. But he should, he got all new memories for everything that changed so he should have memories of his mom being a victim and investigating it.


Correction: He does have memories of working the case, but he is confused because he also has memories of his mother being alive. The same thing happens with the memories of his father dying in a fire but then surviving that fire later. John describes it as confusing because he has both sets of memories.


Corrected entry: When the son contacts the father and saves him from the fire, that causes the mother to fall victim to the serial killer. After that transmission, the son calls his mom and gets her answering machine. In the morning he calls again and it's a deli instead. The event causing his mom to fall victim should have been initiated right after the transmission; therefore, he wouldn't have got her answering machine.

Correction: The son calls the mom before the dad visits her in the hospital. When the dad visits later, she is still at the hospital to save the killer's life from the doctor. Only when the killer's life is extended is the mother's life affected.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dennis Quaid by accident sets the desk on fire, we see how the burn mark appears on the desk in 1999. But why is it still hot and smoking 30 years after? Same goes for the writing with the soldering iron. In comparison, the wallet has got signs of being 30 years old when the son finds it.

Correction: Considering how everything else in this movie operates, it's not a stretch that this happens the way it does. You must remember, things in 1969 are happening at the same time in 1999 in this film. There are two timelines happening at the same time.


Corrected entry: When Frank is taken to the police station for questioning they show John reading a newspaper that says the fireman is a suspect but everything else in the movie happens on that same day in 1969, so headlines would not have the fireman as a suspect if the police now know about the cop, since the "souvenirs"were found in his apartment by Frank and the 1969 police.

Correction: Things change in 1999 the moment they are changed in 1969, as seen with the writing on the table. So, the headlines only show what happened if Frank had not escaped from the police-station.

Corrected entry: When Dennis Quaid is at the Buxton building and a girl comes running out, she runs up to Dennis Quaid, he is holding his axe in his left hand, then he is holding it in his right. (00:33:25)


Correction: Was just watching the movie and saw this scene. As he is running to the girl, Dennis Quaid can be seen switching the axe from one hand to the other. Just play the scene in slow motion and you can't miss it.

Corrected entry: During the bit of the film where you see Dennis Quaid in the fire in the old warehouse, there is an explosion and one of the firemen gets caught in the back draught and is thrown to the floor but he is wearing a modern day fire suit when the incident happens in 1969.

Correction: The only fireman who hits the ground in the Buxton fire scene is wearing the exact same kind of gear as everyone else. Considering there were no firefighting scenes in 'modern day' in the movie, it would seem rather unlikely for there even to be a modern suit on set.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when the fuel tanker is crash and has flipped, you can see a cable attached to the end of it, pulling it along.

Correction: That's not any kind of a pulling cable, that's the umbilical where the cab used to be attached to the trailer. After the jackknife, the cab separates and is off-screen to the right, moving away, and you see the umbilical snap.

Rooster of Doom

Corrected entry: In the burning fire in the warehouse, Dennis Quaid throws his helmet out of the top floor window then grabs the small child and goes down a helter skelter type slide. Inexplicably he and the child reach ground level before his helmet despite the helmet getting a good head start and a helping hand from gravity.

Correction: Actually, you see the helmet reach the ground once (at 0:41:21), quite a bit earlier than the two do. However, the shot is later repeated, to artistically coincide with Dennis and the child splashing down, and Jim Caviezel's drink hitting the bar floor in 1999 (around 0:42:03).

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Corrected entry: In the scene when he wants to interrupt the 2nd murderer he uses a Mastercard to open the door - at that time they were still called MasterCharge.

Correction: In frame-by-frame viewing on DVD, it shows as the era-correct "MasterCharge".

Rooster of Doom

Corrected entry: Father and son talk with each other via a old-fashioned 60's radio and don't need to press the button. They sometimes even talk both at the same time without having a full-duplex radio.

Correction: The actors show astonishment and make a deliberate point to accentuate the fact that they don't have to push the buttons to talk. I think this clearly shows that something "magical" is happening and should be cut some slack from the realm of electronics.

Corrected entry: When Dennis Quaid is locked in the room in the police station he sets off a sprinkler with a flame from an aerosol can in 1969. Surely it would have been filled with CFC gas as a propellant which is not flammable. Aerosol cans burn today as the propellant is butane and propane. I believe the first non-CFC aerosols were introduced in the early 1980s.

Correction: I used to do this with hairspray in the 1960's. It wasn't the cfc gas that ignited, but the other substance in the can itself.

Correction: The fingerprints were left on the wallet when Frank was beaten up in the bathroom before getting framed for the murder of Sissy Clark. The hand wasn't blown off until Frank convinced Satch of the real killer who later showed up at the Sullivan household. Even if the order was the other way round, fingerprints are found on both hands and he only lost one.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the father is in the burning building, he throws his helmet out the window before he jumps out. You see the helmet fall and hit the ground, him hit the water, then the helmet hit the ground again.

Correction: The scene is intentionally replayed, because the second time the helmet hits the ground, it shows that he has a picture of his family inside it.

Corrected entry: After Dennis Quaid tells the cop (the friend of the families) about the radio he tells him what is going to happen in the baseball game which is being showed on the television to try prove it to him, then later when the same cop is talking to Dennis Quaid's wife in the restaurant about what is going to happen to her husband, which is a sensitive subject, he stands up and leaves the table to watch the game. We, know why he is doing this but she seems quite content to let him leave an important conversation just to watch a game.

Correction: The wife is noticibly confused by his withdrawal to go and watch a game, but she is also just now hearing her husband is accused of murder. She is still in total shock and disbelief.

Corrected entry: How is it that chief didn't know that murderer was going to be there in present time? And if he didn't, how did Dennis Quaid know? And don't you think think thirty years would have been plenty of time for the murderer to exact his revenge? It seems to me that they folded time one time too many and didn't figure out whether or not a one-handed identified serial killer would have been caught.

Correction: The time in the film crosses over by exactly thirty years. Dennis Quaid's character heard the shots coming over the radio as he wrestled with the killer so he would be able to work out the date and time thirty years in the future at which John was attacked by the murderer.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Father decides to give up smoking, his wife handed him a pack of Marlboro's, but when they show them again crumpled and being thrown in the trash, they are Camel's.

Correction: I am not sure if this was changed for the video release but I just watched the movie and they are Camels throughout.


Corrected entry: When Frank is teaching his son to ride the bike both times, John is wearing a helmet. Kids didn't wear helmets on bikes in the sixties.

Correction: John is wearing a baseball helmet rather than a bike helmet. More than likely his dad got him to wear it because he keeps falling off.

Corrected entry: When Frank goes to the Buxton fire he is remembering what John told him about how he died/will die in the fire by going the wrong way to get out. So Frank, when confronted with a choice of two exits, chooses one and reaches safety. How could he be sure that his choice was right, since this is the first time he has been in this particular situation, and he has no idea which exit he took/will take, to reach safety the first time, since there wasn't a first time as far as he is concerned? THIS is his first time. This would be the classic dilemma, and totally unsolvable.

Correction: It's not quite as simple as that, since the son told the father that "you went with your instincts, if you'd have gone the other way..." The father's instincts as a firefighter would have made him take the route with fewer flames, the way he starts going. He doesn't "remember" a wrong choice but he remembers the conversation he had the night before and goes against his instinctive choice.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the killer and the father fight by the dock, you can see graffiti in the background. The tag name "Ness" is a name that is seen often in the New York area today, not in 1969.

Correction: So you are saying or suggesting that the name "Ness" didn't exist in 1969, neither did spraying a name on a wall.


Factual error: A ham radio requires the person to hold down the button while talking. Numerous times in the movie they are talking without pushing the button.

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Suggested correction: This is actually subtly addressed in the film. The magic which allows the radio to work across time also allows the two men to speak without pressing the button. There is a moment where Frank wonders what is going on with the radio and presses the button a few times to talk but then notices that he doesn't have to press the button to be heard.


If that was true, then it wouldn't make sense for them to continue to show Frank and John hitting the squawk bar throughout the film.


That is a separate issue. The mistake entry states that you need to hold the button to talk on a ham radio, which is true, but the magic ham radio in the film doesn't require it. If the actors continue to occasionally press the button that could be considered a character mistake but it could also simply be a force of habit by the characters.


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Question: How did John's father appear at the end of the movie as an old guy? It's very confusing to me, can someone please explain how that worked?

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: His son prevented his death in the past. By warning him about how he originally died in that fire and changing his decision, and then convincing him to stop smoking so he doesn't die of lung cancer. He prevented his past death, so suddenly he was still alive in present time.

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