XXX: State of the Union

Corrected entry: At the end when the bullet train gets blown up, Ice Cube Jumps off into the water about 10 seconds before it gets blown up. He is obviously way behind the train after it gets hit seeing as how the train was going over 200 mph, but when the train is falling, it's somehow right behind him.

Correction: Darius' forward momentum carried him toward the train, and the train, after being blown up, stopped almost immediately. Also Darius was guiding himself in freefall toward the water, and the train fell off the tracks in the middle of the bridge, pretty much where Darius was guiding himself.


Corrected entry: When Ice Cube is on the carrier, he launches a tank at a very high speed towards another tank and destroys them both. He attach's the tank to one of those fighter jet launchers, but in reality the tank wouldn't be able to go that fast. The gears would prevent such a speed from being attained.

Correction: The APC (not a tank) is thrown forward by the jet launcher, it is not affected by the gearing, because it is being skidded along.


Corrected entry: Stone hooks the tank up to a catapult shuttle, and launches it. If it was actually the Independence (CVA-62), the cats use steam power, and if it was the Hornet (CVS-12) the cats were hydraulic. In neither case would the cats have been charged while the vessel is in port.

Correction: Not so. The USS Bennington CV-20 corrected to the problem of hydraulic catapults. USS Bennington had a hydraulic catapult fire in the 1950s that killed over 100 men. After that, the U.S. Navy rejected the use of hydraulic cats in favor of steam. All were swapped for steam cats.

Corrected entry: At one point chasing the train the speedo in the Cobra shows Stone running 140-160 and he tells Lola he hit 220-225 (meaning miles per hour). If this is correct the Blackhawk would never have caught up to or kept up with the train given the lead time between X taking off and the Blackhawk taking off. The official specs on the UH-60 Blackhawk claim a top speed of 184 miles/hour.


Correction: He is shown driving 140-160 as an average. His top speed was 220-225, but he did not stay at that speed for long. He would have had to slow down at points along the way, probably well under 100 mph. This would be like a police car catching a Ferrari, which has a higher top speed. The reason a police car can catch a Ferrari is that neither car can sustain high speeds indefinitely, and would have to slow down at times, allowing the pursuing vehicle to catch up. Additionally, specs on miltary vehicles are almost always understated. I was on a nuclear submarine which had a claimed top speed much lower than it was capable of.

Corrected entry: No current tank existing in the world can be cut open with a portable hacksaw, as Ice Cube does in the streets towards the end. They're designed specifically for wood cutting; the saw would destroy itself before it even chipped paint. Furthermore it was a perfectly circular hole, unachievable with a tool that can only cut straight lines.

Correction: A hacksaw is made specifically for cutting metal, not wood. However, it would be difficult to cut a solid piece of metal, you need an edge, or at least a hole to begin sawing. Considering the advanced weapons and toys available, it's possible that the saw had a diamond edge or something to be able to cut through thicker metal.

Corrected entry: In the house when Ice Cube uses the microwave, the electricity had already been turned off, yet he cooked items.

Correction: When wiring a house, it is quite normal for the lighting and plugs/sockets circuits to be completely separate. So it would be possible to turn off all the lights and still operate electrical appliances that are "plugged in" like the fridge, microwave etc. It may be slightly far fetched to have Stone switch off the correct circuit breaker/s under such circumstances in an unfamiliar house, but still, technically not a mistake.

Visible crew/equipment: When Agent Stone first escapes from jail and he is about to get into the GTO, as he opens the car door you can see a crewmember in the reflection of the car. And as they drive off, you can see the huge reflector screen in the back side of the car.

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Zeke: The fate of the free world is in the hands of a bunch of hustlers and thieves.
Agent Steele: So why should tonight be any different?

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Trivia: Rob Cohen (director of the first film) and Vin Diesel (star of the first film) had both signed on to work on this sequel. Cohen had even begun early work on the project, after having very much enjoyed working on the first film. However, due to time constraints and scheduling conflicts with other projects, both had to drop out of their respective roles, and Diesel Xander was unceremoniously "killed off." Both Diesel and Cohen were unsatisfied with this film, with Diesel in particular expressing an interest to return. Diesel later brought the series back with 2017's "xXx: Return of Xander Cage."

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