Other mistake: During the scene where Charlie is watching the horror movie on TV and Viola sneaks up behind her wearing the costume with the long finger nails and scares her. They show a shot from Viola's point of view and you see Charlie sitting on the couch from the back, but the TV is not on.


Other mistake: When Viola and Charlie are watching "A Nightmare On Elm Street", the scenes on the TV are out of sequence (noticeably when Freddy is running with long arms, then he shows up).

Other mistake: Ruby tells Kevin to come back in spring when the flowers will be blooming but when they are walking outside all the flowers are already in bloom.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie looks across the street and notices Viola and Ruby sitting for lunch and that Dr. Chamberlain is in fact a waiter, in the first shot Chamberlain hands Viola and Ruby a menu each. In the next shot he's holding them again. (01:02:35)

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Ruby: Fix your hair. You look like a damn cockatoo.

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