Revealing mistake: When the main characters hide in the "cave" to escape the tsunami, it is obviously man-made. Notice the stripes in the wall behind Steven Baldwin, which are obviously made by mining equipment.

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Mark Bernhard

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The four main "good guy" characters are stuck on an island with people who are trying to kill them. Steven Baldwin's character brings a pistol and takes a machine gun from one of the bad guys. Several times they overcome other armed men, but after defeating them, never bother to take the bad guys' guns. At one point, two characters argue over who gets to carry the pistol, yet when they knock out a man armed with a rifle, they leave it with him and just walk away.



This movie was so low budget that they actually used clips from other films for some scenes. When Steven Baldwin first meets Nicolette Sheridan, she's arguing with two tourists about the "rickety old" airplane they've booked a flight on. We never see the plane until it takes off, because all of the footage of the airplane is from the movie "Six Days, Seven Nights." When they're in the cockpit (a close-up, obviously a different plane), Nicolette is in the pilot's seat and Steven is on her right. When the plane is coming in for a landing, Harrison Ford is flying the plane and Anne Heche is in the co-pilot's seat. After the plane crashes, the four characters are sitting on the beach and the plane is nowhere to be seen.