Three O'Clock High

Three O'Clock High (1987)

Ending / spoiler

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Jerry convinces Buddy to forget about the fight by paying him money he stole from the student store. Buddy humiliates Jerry by telling him he is a coward for not even trying to fight. Jerry then decides he will fight Buddy. They meet outside of school at 3 o'clock and the whole school is there. Jerry winds up beating Buddy in the fight and is considered a legend. Jerry winds up dating his friend. The day after the fight, all of the kids in school try to help Jerry pay back the money he stole from the student store. Buddy Rouvelle walks in and gives Jerry back the money. Jerry is then asked out by Karen, the prettiest girl in school, but he says no because he is dating his friend.


Craig Mattey: I heard you're giving Jerry Mitchell a hard time, man.
Buddy Revell: Yeah. And it's gonna get even harder.

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