Witchtrap (1989)

Ending / spoiler

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By the end of the night Tony Vincenti & Whitney O'Shea are the only group members still alive (sorry but the only one character that comes even remotely close to being even considerable likeable...Leon/Levi Jackson is mowed down by a supernaturally runaway car...sorry...sad...but true), from Avery Lauder and his lethal poltergeist powers. He posseses her by forcing her to consume her ashes. Tony discovers that Avery is only invunerable as he's had his heart removed, if it's harmed...so can he. Therefore Tony manages to free her from his (Avery) unearthly grip by chucking Avery's heart out of a window...with the missing organ smashes onto the concrete steps far below...Which causes Avery to catch on fire, his flesh to boil then melt off until only his skull is left...which finally shatter & break apart...as Whitney pulls it apart in order to free herself from the makeshift skelleton cage.

Tony Vincenti: Who the hell are you kidding? You're going up there to take on Casper the fucking ghost. You don't need a detective... you need Bill Murray for Christ's sake.

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