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Al Giordino: Hi! How are ya?

Dirk Pitt: We need to find that bomb.
Al Giordino: No. I'll find the bomb. You get the girl.
Dirk Pitt: ...Deal.

Al Giordino: I am so tired of being shot at.

Eva Rojas: You're late. I was told an 8:00 departure.
Dirk Pitt: What?
Al Giordino: I never said 8.
Dirk Pitt: I said 9.
Eva Rojas: Well, it's after 10.
Dirk Pitt: Well who said 8?

Yves Massarde: I understand you believe there is some sort of plague coming out of Mali.
Dr. Frank Hopper: We don't like to say "plague."
Yves Massarde: What do you think it is, then?
Eva Rojas: A plague.

General Zateb Kazim: Don't worry. It's Africa. Nobody cares about Africa.

Yves Massarde: Your death would look pretty bad in the papers.
Eva Rojas: So does the word "plague."

Al Giordino: Hey, you ever been after marlins, doctor?
Dirk Pitt: Oh, no, not the marlin story again, Al.
Al Giordino: Seven hundred and thirty-three pounds. Five and a half hours in the fighting chair.
Dirk Pitt: I thought it was 600 pounds.
Al Giordino: Hey! What did you catch that day? I can't remember anything at all.

Al Giordino: Man, the Admiral's gonna be mad when he hears you lost his satellite phone.
Dirk Pitt: Not as mad as when Rudi tells him it was attached to the boat.

Admiral James Sandecker: I can't ask you boys to do this alone.
Dirk Pitt: That's the great part about it, sir. You know you never have to.

Dirk Pitt: He is going to blow it up.
Al Giordino: That isn't very subtle.

Dr. Frank Hopper: How long have you two be together, anyway?
Al Giordino: Kindergarden, college, Navy, numa. Poor guy's always been in my shadow.
Dr. Frank Hopper: That is long time.
Al Giordino: Yep. Always the Al's maid, never the Al.

Factual error: At a stop on the Niger River, before they arrived in Mali, Dirk tells Dr. Rojas of "the angel wing clam" and calls them "Petricola Pholadiformis" and says that "this river is the only place on the earth they are found." Three problems: First, Petricola Pholadiformis are actually called "False angel wing" and are found many places in the world in fresh water (but seldom in the Niger River). Second, what's known as the "Angel wing" shell (no "false" in its name) has "Cyrtopleura Costata" as its scientific name. Cyrtopleura Costata ("Angel wing") is found in salt water. Third, Dirk also said they "glow in the dark"; some varieties of Cyrtopleura Costata shells will glow if exposed to ultraviolet light but none glow from their own internal source. Petricola Pholadiformis shells don't glow at all.

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Trivia: It's ironic at the end that Admiral Sandecker states that he is done with politics, because later in the Cussler books, Sandecker is appointed Vice President of the United States.

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Question: What exactly is Kazim attempting to gain/accomplish by killing the doctors?

Answer: So they will not discover the poisonining that is going on.

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