For Love of the Game

Factual error: Kevin Coster's arrival at spring training is set up by a shot of a beach scene with the caption "Spring Training Lakeland Florida". The shot was not filmed in Lakeland and is not at all representative of this town. Lakeland, Florida is located near the middle of the state, and while it does have many lakes, it is not on the ocean. (I suspect this shot was actually filmed in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, which is at least 200 miles away.)


Factual error: In the scene where the ball bounces off the center fielder's head for a home run, there's no place in Fenway park where that could happen. The scene shows what has to be either the green monster or the center field bleachers. It would be interesting if someone could do a study to find out how hard a ball would have to be hit in order for it to bounce off someone's head and carry up over either the monster or the center field bleachers - the only places where this scene could take place. Certainly, a ball hit that hard would likely kill the player - unless his head was truly made out of a rubber tree plant.

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