The Wiz

Trivia: According to an unauthorized biography, "Call Her Ms. Ross," Diana Ross was hospitalized and neaarly blinded by the lighting effect used for the movie.

Trivia: With the release of the film, Congoleum ,the flooring company that designed The Yellow Brick Road, made the design available for home use.


Trivia: During the Munchkinland sequence, if you pay attention, you will notice that none of the very young Munchkins appear until the musical number starts. This was most likely to save shooting time, since children are not allowed to work for more than four hours a day.

Trivia: Mabel Robinson, who plays Munchkin #2, also was one of the poppies [the one who says "Hey!"], can be seen strutting in the Green number and dancing on the piano and in the foreground at the end of the "Gold" number.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the characters are walking up to the Wiz, The Scarecrow gets scared and faints, and then falls into the lions arms. But then you can see him scratching his head, when he really should be unconscious.

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Scarecrow: Barnum said there's a sucker born every minute.
Tinman: I was there when he said it, but I never thought I'd be one of them.

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