Valiant (2005)

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Corrected entry: When Valiant gets his bandage caught in the window frame, he starts to fly off, but then he is pulled backwards. Then when he hits the wall - his face hits it instead of his back.

Correction: The bandage is not constantly pulling him back, because it is elastic. Once it yanks him back, his body could have easily twisted.

Corrected entry: Valiant can't be a wood pigeon as wood pigeons have white patches on the backs of their necks. This, among a set colouration and conformation, sets them apart from the generic feral pigeons, which are descended from rock doves and lack the white patch. It could be argued that the lack of white patch is part of Valiant's character design, but without it makes more sense to refer to him as a feral pigeon.

Blue Phoenix

Correction: Juvenile wood pigeons do not have the white patches on the neck. When they are about 6 months old they gain a small white patch on both sides of the neck. Considering Valiant size and the fact that we are never given an actual age we can assume that Valiant is still not fully grown.

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