Bad Influence

Bad Influence (1990)

Ending / spoiler

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Alex ends up killing Claire with Michael Boll's golf club. Mike's older bro Pismo helps his sibling dump Claire in the tar pits as Alex has left enough circumstancial evidence to pin the blame on Mike. Alex then informs the cops where the body is and it's dragged out of the tar pits. Eventually Mike tricks Alex into confessing while Pismo secretly video tapes the conversation. Pismo slips and with Mike distracted Alex enraged at their trickery charges Mike with a knife only for Mike to fire his gun hitting Alex square in the chest. Staggering back a shocked Alex topples over the pier into the nightime ocean. both brothers search for him to till dawn...looking to see if he surfaces...but he never does.

Pismo Boll: It's only a matter of time... get in bed with the devil... sooner or later you have to fuck.

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Question: After Alex has stolen his furniture and killed Claire, he says to Michael "OK, now we are even." So why did he continue to stalk him and plant evidence? What was his motivation there?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: Because that's what psychopaths do.

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