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Fly Away Home (1996)

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Corrected entry: At the end, when the geese are swimming in the lake one flips over and you can see a red ID tag on its leg. Amy wouldn't let the wildlife officer do anything to her geese.

Correction: The wildlife officer had control of the geese all except Igor for a couple of hours. It is highly possible that an ID tag got put on then.

Corrected entry: Amy has soap squirted into her eyes in the shower. She screams so loud that Jeff Daniels comes in to check on her. She then becomes so mad that he saw her naked that she screams at him and seems to forget about the soap in her eye.

Correction: This scene shows Amy rubbing the soap out of her eyes for a while before Thomas breaks into the bathroom. Most of the soap would've been washed away by this point.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Amy's dad build an aircraft large enough to carry them together? Wouldn't that have been much safer?

Correction: He was already building a glider for one before they came up with the plan to use it for the geese. The second one he bought by selling his replica of the moon lander, so Amy's probably was a lot safer than his, which is what he really cared about safetywise.

Factual error: At the start of the movie Amy and her mother Alaine are in a car accident near Auckland, New Zealand. The ambulance is a US or Canadian ambulance, as New Zealand ambulances do not have the word paramedic on the side.

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David Alden: You must be Amy. I gave you Silly Putty once for Christmas. You ate it.

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Trivia: The original title for the film was "Flying Wild." A number of trailers for the film under this original title were even released, including notably on the VHS release for the hit film "Jumanji." The title was only changed a few weeks before the film was released in theaters.


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