Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Gracie Hart finds out that the kidnappers were only supposed to kidnap Stan Fields because he hadn't given money back to a loan shark. Gracie finds Miss USA & Stan Fields before the FBI who only following them. Gracie goes to the school of the little girl at the beginning and listens in on the girl's report on her.


Continuity mistake: The Tina Turner wig that Sam is wearing changes between scenes. In the traffic jam it is noticeably more spiky than the one she was wearing in the drag club. (01:20:50 - 01:31:00)

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Gracie Hart: What happened to team yo? You and me in it together?
Sam Fuller: Don't do that again.

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Question: When Gracy is trapped in the sinking ship with the feather at the back of her costume stuck under the cannon, couldn't she just have pulled the individual feather out of the back of her costume instead of pulling it out from under the cannon?


Chosen answer: Possibly, but it was attached fairly well considering it didn't break when it was caught on the cannon. If she could though you don't exactly think straight when you're about to drown. You're in a panic.

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