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Flatliners has an interesting premise-that is, how far would or should one go to discover the answer to whether or not there is existence after death. Several young med students come together and attempt to explore that eternal question by dying for moments and then being revived, recounting any remembered experiences for prosperity. Things take a dark turn as they die and come back tormented by haunting visions related to things that they felt troubled or guilty over, and each must try to reconcile with their pasts. This film could have easily been based upon a Stephen King story for all that implies-a bit psychological and supernatural, with a moral message and cautionary tone about the pursuit of certain answers being perilous as well as the dangers of hubris. Dated and a bit quaint compared to current horror and science fiction films, but interesting enough to justify watching and strange enough to keep one watching.

Erik M.

Revealing mistake: When Nelson first undergoes the experiment, the doctors use a small mask to put him to sleep. When he is supposedly waking up, Rachel asks Randy to help her with oxygen. He hands her the same small mask they used the first time ie. anesthetic. Just for a second she has a look on her face which says "this is the wrong mask" and she tries to hide it with her hand. For the whole rest of the film, the other doctors use a bigger mask when giving oxygen.

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Nelson Wright: Somehow we've brought our sins back physically. And they're pissed.

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Question: Can someone please explain the ending in regards to Billy Mahoney? Does Billy smile and wave at Nelson, knowing that Nelson is now dead and has paid his price? Won't he realize that Nelson was brought back to life and haunt him again?

Answer: Billy forgave Nelson. he saw that Nelson was willing to die to be forgiven. That's why Billy smiled.


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