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Alone in the Dark (2005)

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Corrected entry: The main character fires two bullets directly after each other at the beginning of the film. This cannot happen. Even an automatic handgun cannot feed another bullet into the chamber before the first one has been fired and the round casing has left the chamber.

Correction: A round can be chambered into the breach before the bullet has hit the target. The round isn't going to hang there to wait until the first bullet has hit the target. It could be miles away. As long as the bullet has left the barrel then the next round can be chambered.

Corrected entry: In the first fight scene when Christian Slater grabs the artifact off the counter, he gets kicked out the back door with the artifact in his hand. He rolls off the little platform and artifact has disappeared, the following shot he has it back in his hand.


Correction: The artifact is in his left hand, and we see him kicked out the door. From the exterior shot, the artifact is in his right hand, and he switches it to his left again once he rolled on the ground. The actual mistake should be the artifact switching hands while he is kicked through the door.

Corrected entry: When Professor Hudgens opens the door and Commander Burke throws the knife at him. Professor Hudgens falls to the ground. When he's falling, look all the way to the right of the mirrored door to "The Darkness" You'll see a guy standing there operating the camera in the reflection. It looks like he's wear a blue shirt and tan pants. (01:21:50)

Correction: I've watched this in regular and slow speed, and cannot see a cameraman in the reflection. The characters crouch as Hudgen's gun starts firing, and their reflection is seen in the mirrored door, but no one is standing in the reflection.

Corrected entry: It is stated in the movie that the monsters die when they're exposed to sunlight. However, at the end when Christian Slater and Tara Reid are walking in the city a monster approaches to them (in first person view) even though it's a sunny morning.

Correction: As Dr Hudgens explained earlier in the film, different exposure to light, and different frequencies of light affect the creatures to different ends. Thus, sunlight may have been a frequency that did not affect that particular creature.

Revealing mistake: When the team descends to the bottom of a hole and one female member is first wounded and then dies. After checking her pulse, the others pronounce her dead and begin moving out. As the last one is leaving, the "dead" actress lifts her head up off the ground and looks left. (01:13:10)

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Aline Cedrac: I thought you were dead, asshole.

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