The Pacifier

Factual error: At the start we are shown Navy Seals approaching a boat under water. Their oxygen system is giving off bubbles. If they were Seals, they would have a system where bubbles would not be given off, to avoid being detected at the surface.


A Demon

Factual error: Shane is a lieutenant and the Principal is Petty Officer first class. Shane states the Principal is the senior officer. This is wrong as the Petty Officer is a Non Commissioned Officer, while Shane is a commissioned officer. Shane outranks the Principal.

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Factual error: When the Navy Seals land on the beach, Shane then gives a briefing on their target to capture and what to do. This is nonsense. A briefing would happen before they even left to do the mission, not as they started it in enemy territory. Being Navy Seals, they have a degree of intelligence, certainly enough that they wouldn't need a quick reminder as they start the mission.

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