Corrected entry: When the three guys are walking down the hill on Mars, one of the guys says that the moon of Mars is going as fast as a satellite. If he knew anything about space (which he should have, being selected to go to Mars) he would know that a moon is classified as a satellite, so it's like saying 'that moon is going as fast as a moon' which doesn't make sense. (00:52:00)

David Hancock Premium member

Correction: When Fidel makes mention of this (Phobos moving as fast as a satellite), he is casually telling the others of his observation, not making a technical statement. I doubt that even an astronaut would use the term 'satellite' when talking about a moon, unless they were giving a lecture or telling a story. The assumption that he would know this, is valid; but in the context of the scene, it would be very odd for him to be using the technically correct terms.


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