First Knight

First Knight (1995)

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Continuity mistake: When King Arthur invites Malignant to Camelot, there is a list of things Malignant demands. King Arthur has the list in his hand but you never see Malignant give him the list.

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Suggested correction: Prince Malagant was in Camelot at the Kings invitation. The explanation happens off-screen as King Arthur's messenger delivered his message to Malagant and then returned with Malagant's list of demands.

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Prince Malagant: This is what Arthur doesn't understand. Men don't want brotherhood. They want leadership.

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Trivia: Prince Malagant describes the oubliette where he imprisons Guinevere as just having "walls of air." This is a reference to the fate of Merlin, who was sealed away in a "prison of air."

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