Dolls (1987)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene near the end of the movie when Judy's father is smashing up the doll maker's work and fighting with Mr. Punch, a crew members hand is very visible working Mr. Punch.

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Continuity mistake: As Rosemary composes herself in the hallway, following the viscous doll attack, she is suddenly surrounded by angry, vengeful dolls. We see a large bay window about 10 feet in front of her as she cautiously moves in closer to the angry dolls. In the next shot, as she appears to lean in, glaring hatefully at the angry dolls, she suddenly lunges forward, crashing headfirst out the window, presumably to her death. She is not close enough to the window to have accomplished this, nor did any of the angry dolls push her.



Continuity mistake: After the dolls have attacked Rosemary, she manages to contain herself out in the hallway, just before another doll attacks her ankle with a buzz saw. As the doll begins to saw, Rosemary kicks it off, then turns on her heels. In the following shot her ankle is untouched.



Continuity mistake: As the dolls viciously attack Rosemary, one of them strikes the top left side of her head with a mallet. In the next shot Rosemary's head is down and there is no blood visible. Another doll stabs the left side of her face, near her ear with a tiny knife. However, in the following shot that area is unscathed. Another doll stabs her upper back, near the shoulder blades, but when Rosemary turns sideways we see the knife protruding from the middle of her back instead.

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Continuity mistake: As Ralph is reasoning with Judy's parents about the elves and the missing blond punkie, the blood consistency on his right hand changes between shots.



Continuity mistake: After Ralph and Judy leave the attic, he grabs the candelabra and they head down the hallway. In the next, and following shots, the candelabra changes from lit to unlit. As Ralph reaches the bedroom door, the candelabra is now fully lit.



Continuity mistake: When Ralph opens the door leading to the attic, a wind gust blows out the lit candelabra he is holding, yet there is a light-source permeating from the open stairs. It is night so the attic would be obviously dark and creepy. However, it is fully aglow. This would be possible only if there were a full moon, which wouldn't be visible anyway due to the ongoing thunderstorm. As the two reach the landing suddenly the atmosphere changes to dankness, when it was aglow only moments earlier.



Other mistake: As the blond punkee pillages the bedroom for anything of value, the unseen giggling/squeaky "doll" voices prepare to attack. She is yanked to the floor by her feet, screaming, as the unseen grab her hands, then proceed to "ram" her face-first into the wall. The large blood spatters do not match the injuries to her face nor her forehead. Also, under normal circumstances, the victim would be rendered unconscious following such force. The punkee is merely a bit disheveled as the unseen toss her outside the doorway.

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Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, following the hitchhiking girls, it is dusk. As the couple drives along, arguing while the man reads a road map, the sky suddenly changes to dramatic cloud action as he comments that it's looking nasty outside, and then a fierce storm instantly brews up.



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