There are two killers: Christiano Berti, the guy who interviewed Peter Neal and is obsessed with punishing all people he considers "indecent" (he killed the flirty woman shoplifter who escaped arrest, the lesbian, etc). The other killer is Peter Neal. He's the one who killed the woman with the red shoes (seen in flashbacks). When she humiliated (after he found out 'she' used to be a 'he') Peter and he killed her in a mad rage causing great psychological trauma in his youth. Peter killed Berti that night with the axe and also killed Bulmer because he was having an affair with his ex wife (Jane). Gianni (Bulmer's PA) goes back to the murder scene, and remembers seeing Christiano and remembers he yelled out "I killed them all" before his death. Keen on informing the police of what he knows Gianni has his life chocked out of him courtesy of Peter hiding in the backseat with a rope (He does manage to catch a quick glimpse of his murderer and dies a shocked look crossing his face upon seeing who it is). The night Anne is leaving the country, Neal kills Jane and Detective Altieri (mistaking her for Anne). Detective Germani (having figured out that Neal is a killer) and Anne arrive. Germani confronts Neal (Neal reveals that Berti killed the other women) and Neal slices his own throat. Germani and Anne leave the house and Germani mentions that Neal was accused of killing the girl (the one seen in flashbacks) after she humiliated him and broke his heart but there was no real evidence so there was no trial. Berg's slaughter spree triggered his nightmares concerning her demise. When he discovered Jane and Bulmer were together his suppressed secretive homicidal rage boiled over and he set about venting his fury out on the pair. Germani goes back inside the house and Neal's body is gone and Germani notices that the knife Neal cut his own throat with is a fake knife that squirts blood. Peter Neal kills Germani while he's off guard and patiently waits by the door as Anne walks back inside the house. As he's about to kill Anne, the dying detective collapses towards the door knocking over a huge sharp-edged sculpture. Anne forces open the door, accidentally impales Peter on a spike connected to the sculpture. The final scene is Anne screaming and freaking out at seeing Neal's demise...

Tony Twist

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