The Prowler

The Prowler (1981)

Ending / spoiler

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Sheriff George Fraser is the killer, he murders Carl, Sherry, Lisa, Miss Allison & Otto. This is due to the events surronding the annual Spring Dance graduation party has stirred up bitter hateful memories concerning his lover's betrayl. First to be doine in comes Carl who is grabbed from behind by George who then plunges a bayonet through his head until the other end comes out of his neck. The force is so great that Carl's eyes roll back into his head! Next is Sherry cornered in the shower by George where he lunges at her with pitchfork aimed for under her breasts. Then he lifts her up as he sticks the pitchfork in further. Then Lisa is booted in the face whilst clambering out of a pool (to be met by George standing by the pool side) Shocked by the attack, Lisa tries to swim away, but is unable to get her bearings. George then comes up from behind bursting out the water, taking his bayonet to slice into her neck. Her body falls lifelessly to the bottom. Last but not least is Miss Allison left to see if she can find Lisa, sees blood in the pool and panics. As she tries to run away, George grabs her and thrusts the bayonet into her neck pinning her to a fence. Finally Otto from Kingsley's convenience store, confronts and shoots George. Only seconds later for George to take out his own shotgun and blast Otto. Pam manages to stab him with his own pitchfork, George is in too much pain to stop her snatching away his own shotgun ensuring she shotgun decapitates him.


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