Suicide Circle

Suicide Circle (2001)

Ending / spoiler

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Mitsuko discovers the secret "suicide" code from a Dessart poster in her late boyfriend's room. It then leads her to the VIP backroom of the Dessart concert where she stands front stage infront of many children. They ask her "Are You Connected w/ Yourself?". She answers "I can connected to me". It then shows Mitsuko getting her skin stripped off. Thinking the supposed culprit was caught, the investigators were shocked when they found another skin filled bag. However, they recognized Mitsuko's skin(tattoo) and head off to the train station to search and confront her hoping to finally discovering the truth. An investigator grabs her fearing that she would kill herself. She shrugs him off showing that she had already decided not to do it. The film ends w/ Dessart's farewell concert.


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