Maria Full of Grace

Continuity mistake: When Maria and Juan are eating arepa and soda, in the shot when she asks him not to talk badly about her sister, Maria has full hair on her face, the shot changes and then it is clear.

Audio problem: During the conversation between Maria and Juan about her pregnancy, when he says "Donde comen dos, comen tres" his mouth doesn't move.

Visible crew/equipment: When Maria and Carla Aristizábal (Lucy's sister) try to call to Colombia, just after Carla says, "Lucy no está.", the camera reflection is visible in the glass door of the phone booth.

Other mistake: At the billiard place in Bogota, just after Javier gives some money to Maria, pay attention to a couple of her shots: there is a horizontal line of dirt on the lens, that runs across the screen.

Continuity mistake: After the dealers give the money to Maria and her friend Blanca, she is sitting with the old man (Don Fernando) on the table. She is holding it in her right hand, then takes out a wallet from her black bag. In the next shot she's still holding the money, and takes the wallet out again, but now puts the money inside. (01:32:45)

Continuity mistake: When Maria is climbing the house at the beginning, the shadows behind Juan change radically between the shots, although he stands in the same place.

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