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Corrected entry: The Belgian flag on the uniform of the Belgian paratroopers is way too big. It should be only a few cm. Others such as the French carry their flag this big.

Correction: It has been mentioned many times on this site, but it is illegal for filmmakers to impersonate military personnel. This bit was copied from an correction for a similar mistake: "As it is illegal to impersonate military personnel, even in movies, film makers have to use small deviations on uniforms to avoid being prosecuted. It is one of those things that falls into the "suspension of disbelief" category."

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Corrected entry: A Canadian military officer would always address his lieutenants as 'left-enants' and never as 'lew-tenants' as Nolte does throughout the movie. The Canadian Armed Forces has maintained the British pronunciation of that military rank.

Correction: While "left-enants" is the correct pronunciation in the Canadian military there is nothing wrong with using an different pronunciation. Either he knew he was making an mistake and didn't care or simply forgot about saying it correctly. Nolte's character was in charge of the UN convoy and I doubt anyone was going to correct an superior especially with how bad the situation around them was.

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Paul Rusesabagina: All day long I work to please this officer, that diplomat, some tourist to store up favors so if there is a time when we need help I have powerful people I can call upon.
Tatiana Rusesabagina: But Victor was a good neighbor.
Paul Rusesabagina: He is not family. Family is all that matters.



The movie is set in Rwanda in 1994. At the start of the movie you see a billboard advert for MTN, a South African cellular service provider that was not available in Rwanda in 1994.



In one scene Paul is listening to the radio and a broadcast of the debate about whether what was happening in Rwanda was considered genocide. During the conflict there was a news conference that was very similar to the one on the radio. One of the reasons that the US and UN would not label (or appear to label) the situation as genocide was that under legal obligations they would have had to act to prevent and punish the perpetrators if they said what was happening in Rwanda was genocide.