The Eiger Sanction

The Eiger Sanction (1975)

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Corrected entry: Hemlock got paid $20,000 plus the IRS statement for the first sanction, but Jemima Brown steals the money and statement from his safe. When Jemima later returns the money, she says $10,000 and hands it to him. It should have been $20,000.

Correction: Jemima Brown returns with a painting. Then Hemlock asks "where is the change"? She gives him the $10,000. The other $10,000 was used to buy the painting.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Eastwood and Kennedy are climbing in the desert during training, at one point if you look above Eastwood's head while the camera is above looking down you can see bootprints in the sand on a small ledge. Later Kennedy tells Eastwood that he was the first person to ever scale that particular peak.

Correction: 1. Kennedy is lying - entirely within character. 2. The person who left the print didn't reach the peak - they didn't "scale the mountain". 3. Kennedy was talking of long past exploits - he was the first, others followed.

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